Project Ideation


Ideas Generated:


Then sorted and ranked by appeal:


Narrowed down to the Final 5:



Interaction Ideas:


Narrowed down to the Final 5:



A few ideas I have from the above brainstorming are:

1. Interactive Cookie Jar – an experience that leads the audience on a journey to get a cookie

2. Chocolat Experience – using the 5 senses to explore the world of chocolate

3. Fortune Teller – inviting an audience to experience their future


1. Padded Cell– Jennifer Rubell

Evokes sensory of touch and taste with a confined space to give the audience some sort of feeling of claustrophobia to go along with the dinner preceding it. I love food and I think interacting with it seems really fun and can be symbolic in the way it is used.


Padded cell is an 8’X16’ freestanding room constructed of basic building materials, with a single door that contains a plexiglass window. Inside, the walls and ceiling are padded with pink cotton candy, and a bare light bulb hangs in the center. The door is opened at 9pm, but the interior is visible through the window throughout the evening.

The Red Party’s main dinner is served inside a Russian-themed constructivist set, and Padded Cell acts as an escape from that, an all-American funhouse that is at the same time confining, threatening, claustrophobic. It is an object that addresses the dark side of pleasure, the price of pleasure, the possibility that pleasure is its own punishment.

2. Still Life– Scott Garner

I like the fact that it looks like a regular painting until the audience tilts it and the objects start falling off the table. It’s like a magic trick.


It is a digital masterpiece that responds to physical movement of the frame. If tilted to the right, the scene tumbles to the right and vice versa.

Built using the program Unity 3D, Still Life by Scott Garner features a custom-framed flat screen television that boasts a motion-sensitive screen. Secured to a rotating wall mount, the digital artist and developer has really turned traditional artwork on its head. As breathtaking as real paintings may be, this one will entertain audiences for hours on end. Soon people will want similar pieces in their own home to wow guests with.

3. Sephora Sensorium– Department of the 4th Dimension

I like the visuals paired with smell using the sensory as an experience.


Sephora Sensorium features interactive installations. Agency Neverstop did the production and creative build of the Sensorium, while D4D supplied the content and creative direction for two of the six rooms of the Sensorium experience. These installations aim to provide a sensory treat to visitors.

In the section titles First Scent, the visitor gets a glimpse of the perfumer’s first memory of the fragrance, be it visiting a beach or cutting grass, and this first memory comes to life for the visitor with sound, images and scents.

Another section called Lucid Dreams is more personal, the images and sounds experienced by the visitors transform with their own personal sniff of the fragrance. The technology behind these installations are glowing sniff-registering flowers, which are activated by the sound of the visitor’s sniffing.

4. Cloud– Caitlin R.C. Brown

I like the idea of upcycling to create something new and interactive. Giving the audience the chance to participate and act as the storm gives a new perspective of being in a storm.


Brown’s art project is comprised of functioning and burnt out light bulbs that she collected from public donations, which she advertised for in a local newspaper and on her website. The incandescent bulbs were then grouped together to make bulbous spheres that would form the puffy appearance of a cloud. What is different about the Caitlind r.c Brown CLOUD installation is its interactive qualities. Viewers are able to tug on the strings dangling below causing the lights to flicker on and off, as if the cloud were participating in an electrical storm. The beauty of the art piece is how Brown creates a green footprint by recycling the light bulbs that would otherwise be thrown away, while optimizing working bulbs to create a spectacle of lights for viewers to enjoy.

5. Half the Air in a Given Space– Martin Creed

I like the idea of play for adults on a bigger scale that a playhouse. Gives people a chance to let go and become immersed in the space and objects.


The Half the Air in a Given Space art installation will bring to mind the ball pit in McDonald’s play area for children. Except that this interactive installation has been created with adults in mind. In place of the colorful plastic balls, the exhibit is comprised of thousands of balloons, all of the same color.

Past Work

A fun little kinetic typography piece I made:

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